All Achievements! [Achievements (Outcome)]

Version: 0.9.9a After 2021.6.9 patch.

First work

Completed the first piece of work.

 How to unlock

Start the game and complete your first work.

Congratulations on your opening of the business

Completed one exhibition.

 How to release

Start the game and do the first exhibition.

Ceramics Lore

Completed 10 apprentices graduating

 How to release

Graduate 10 apprentices.

Artwork Businessman

Sold 20 pieces of artwork.

Release method

Sell 20 pieces of artwork.

Business genius

Income reached 500,000

Release method

Total income reaches 500,000.

Selling Guru

Made 20 advertisements.

Release method

Advertise 20 times. (Translation is decent!)

Large exhibition hall

Expanded all booths.

How to release

Expand all the booths where you can exhibit your works.

Decoration enthusiast

Had 10 decoration materials

How to unlock

Buy 10 decoration tools.

Tourist attraction

Tourists reached 50,000

How to release

50,000 tourists come to the ceramics museum.


30 collections had

How to release

30 collections are collected.

Master of Pottery

Completed 10 SSS class works.

How to release

Create 10 pieces of SSS class works.

Highest Achievement

All achievements earned!

How to unlock

Achieve all achievements.

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