Until you make a SSS-rank work of pottery [Strategy?]

This article has been translated into English. It was previously in Japanese.

Hi there.

In this article, I will post the process I went through to create a SSS-ranked piece in MOP, along with images.


I don't have many images, so please use your imagination to fill in the missing parts.

I have bought a Qianlong Emperor pack, so I will use it to make ceramics this time.

The clay will be white and in the form of a simple vessel.


After the firing is finished, I will make the material stone-like and put a strip of Qianlong Emperor pack and a pattern on it.



It has been too long.


As a result, to make a work of SSS rank.

  • Make the shape ceramic-like.
  • Make it simple, not fancy.

It's a game of pottery, so it's natural.

Until a while ago, it was easy to get SSS rank if you put in a lot of decoration to the point of crazy... I wonder if the specifications have changed with the update.

One day


When I displayed the ceramics I had just made and opened the gallery, this many people came.

I lied. I shot a commercial on TV.

The revenue is negative.

Too bad!

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