【Minecraft】Various ways to enter the end【EN Translate】

Various ways to get into the end

I want to get into the End with creativity! But it's too much trouble to look for it in Ender Eye.

This article will help you in that case. (Demand level low)


Regular method

The normal way to find the fortress by throwing the ender eye. You said it was tedious at the beginning.

Time: 1
Smartness: 1
Danger: 1


How to take the end portal frame out of the creative tab and arrange it. It gives the impression that "I'm a professional Minecraft player, right?" feeling.

Time: 2
Smartness: 4
Danger: 2 (due to the possibility of mobs entering)


Using commands. Smartness is max. Time is also excellent. But dangerous. (Falling into the abyss.)

/execute in minecraft:the_end run tp @s ~ ~ ~ ~

Time: 5 Stars
Smartness: ☆5
Danger: ☆5


Using commands. Not very smart, but not dangerous. Combining /tp is even smarter.

/locate stronghold

Time: 2
Smartness: 3
Danger: 1


A method of summoning an ender dragon using commands to make your brain think you are at the end. Honestly stupid.

/summon minecraft:ender_dragon ~ ~ ~ ~

Time: 5
Smartness: 1
Danger: 4 (because it destroys the surrounding structures)


Translated by DeepL